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Zeta Max 125E 6000W/115Ah White

Ref: 56536

Zeta Max 125And 6000W/115Ah White

It arrives the aut??ntica revoluci??n of the hand of the motorcycle El??ctrica Zeta Max, with an equivalent power to a motorbike of 125and. It has of an engine el??ctrico Brushless of 6.000W. His dise??o MaxiScooter #turn the opci??n ideal to move you in your d??a to d??a with the possibility to use it by all the roads, motorways and autov??as of Europe.

It enjoys of the big autonom??a that offers this motorbike el??ctrica, with so only a bater??a of 72V115Ah podr??s visit until 170km without interruptions. zeta-max-6000w-125e-blanco-1At all of petrol, filters neither complex reparations. Recargue Zeta Max in his home, work, offices, etc. ¡The possibilities are boundless! ¡And it enjoy of the m??ximo performance in pure state!

His dise??o no you dejar?? indifferent this maxiscooter with l??neas sportive search offer the feelings of comfort and versatility that transmit these veh??culos, without losing the power and advantages of a motorcycle.


Zeta Max est?? instrumented with one of the engines el??ctricos m??s powerful of the mark, an Engine El??ctrico of 6.000W Brushless situated in the rear wheel, that provides the sufficient force to achieve the speed m??xima of 110km/h.

This engine offers the m??xima power, with the minor wear of his materials to the not producing frictions. Adem??s, his consumption is m??s low that in other models (40% less with regard to other engines). 


It has of a bookmark with screen LCD that allows him have everything under his control: it knows the kil??metros routes, veloc??metro, hour, level of bater??a, intensity of the engine or the type of speed to which circulate in each moment. 


It spends to a acompa??ante with you. Zeta Max has of a wide and c??modo seat for two people.


Est?? Motorcycle el??ctrica est?? instrumented with a frontal lighthouse LED that allows him divisar an elder ??ngulo of visi??n on the way especially at night without that it can exist ning??n danger in the road. With f??cil handle of long lights, short, posici??n and emergency.


Account adem??s with a system of 3 speeds, course atr??s and bot??n of parking with which podr??s enjoy of a conducci??n ideal. Adem??s Has of inner compartment with included lock so that you save what need.


Est?? Instrumented with disks of leading brakes and backsides for a correct braked. Adem??s, has amortiguadores hidr??ulicos frontal and backsides that allow a conducci??n m??s stable in terrains movedizos. 


One of the advantages of this motorcycle is the big capacity and power of the Bater??a of Lithium 72V/115Ah. In so s??lo 10 hours podr??s have your bater??a totally loaded, with which visit until 170 Km without interruptions in Modality ECHO. 

Adem??s Ours Zeta Max is totally resistant to the water. It drive without fears to the conditions meteorol??gicas. His components est??n dise??ados to be able to resist the rain and the wind, being testados each one of them. 

* Warning:

Before his use, read entirely the manual of user, warnings of security, maintenance, inspecci??n, use of the bater??a and conserve the manual with which acompa??a the product for future references.

The price of this product, includes the transport in the Pen??nsula, the national VAT. The buyer deber?? ensure the motorcycle by means of his compa????a insurance, fulfil the norms of circulaci??n and enrol his veh??culo.

Tambi??n Is necessary to sign an available agreement. Our squad pondr?? in contact with the buyer to send him said agreements and make the tr??mite.


Name of product: Zeta Max 125And 6000W/115Ah White
Energ??a Of the engine: 6.000W Brushless Engine (equivalent to 125And)
Controller: 24CMOS
Speed m??xima: 110 (km/h)
Types of bater??as: Bater??a Of Lithium
Capacity of the bater??a: 115Ah OF 72V (7,2 kWh)
Scope m??ximo: 170 km / 1 person (180kg)
Bater??a Time of load: 10 hours 
Life of bater??a: 1.500 cycles of load
Capacity of rise: 30% (2 person, 180kg)
Type of measurer: Digital
Brakes (frontal/backside): Disk/Disk
Amortiguador (Frontal/Backside): Hidr??ulico / hidr??ulico
Tama??o Of neum??tico: Frontal: 120/80-14 without c??mara Rear:140/60-14
Capacity Max of load: 2 people (296kg)
Type of frame: Steel
Net weight: 145kg (with bater??a)
Weight of the bater??a: 50kg
It includes: 3 speeds + Bookmark Screen LCD + Course Atr??s + Bot??n of Estacionamineto+ 2 Games of keys+ Rear-view mirrors+ Leading Compartment With Padlock
Measures 2150x785x1325 mm
Permission of Circulaci??n A1,A2,To, B (3 a??os)


Motorcycle El??ctrica 0 Emissions Recognised by the Direcci??n General of Tr??fico and Ministry of Industry. Circulaci??n Legal 100x100.



3 a??os in all the components and parts of the product. We have of all type of spares, like bater??as, engines, covers, lighthouses and pilot, brakes, manetas, electr??nica.

The dates indicated of delivery are approximated and can modify by motives of a pandemia or delays in transport ocasionados by extraneous motives to our company.

Recommendations For Your Motorcycle 


¿You want to largar the life ??til of your motorcycle? It follows this series of recommendations to enjoy of your motorcycle to the m??ximo:
- Once you light your motorcycle expects 5 seconds to accelerate and initiate your trip.
- If you finish to use your motorcycle, recommend you expect half hour to upload your bater??a again.
- It drives in Way ECHO to optimise the life of your bater??a. 
- You do not exhaust to the complete the bater??a until the m??nimo, the states of load too low prejudice the bater??a, the ideal is to maintain your bater??a among the 20 and the 80 % is thus that with uploading until 80% is sufficient.
- It remembers to make a complete load once a week.
- It averts to upload your motorbike in places with upper temperatures 38º-40ª to avert that it heat the bater??a. 

¿You know the Advantages of the Veh??culo El??ctrico?

It visits our blog to know the saving


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Zeta Max 125E 6000W/115Ah White

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