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contacto@gran-scooter.com / Contact
How to BuyYou can make your purchase in several ways



To make a request can choose among the following 3 options:

By Telefono

To traves of ours number +34 959 87 22 05 (10 lineas, call of low cost), When making the call, us tendr?? that facilitate the name of the product or his reference (the ref, appears under the name of articulate in his pagina of descripcion) nº of units, direccion of envio and form of payment.

By Email

In the direccion contacto@gran-scooter.com, equally indiquenos the name of the product or his reference (the ref, appears under the name of articulate in his pagina of descripcion) nº of units, direccion of envio and form of payment.

To traves of this same pagina WEB

Podra Go a??adiendo the products to his market basket pressing in the boton a??adir, deber?? to create a personal account, where facilitated us the data of facturacion and envio, Afterwards podra decide the form of envio and payment.

For any surgery, doubt or commentary do not doubt in putting in contact with us to traves of the +34 959 87 22 05 or pricking AQU??

Payment MethodsIt also has several payment methods

Bank Transfer
Once you have placed your order, make a transfer / deposit into either of the following two accounts:

  • Banco Santander ES90 0049 1879 3325 10606571 

           IBAN: ES90


Afterwards, send us a copy to the e-mail pagos@gran-scooter.com or a fax to the number (+34) 959 87 22 05. Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t forget to specify your name and surname, as well as the order number. IMPORTANT! We will not accept any receipt that does not include our account number.


Credit card
Once you confirm your purchase, you will be automatically redirected to a secure HTTPS server, where you can proceed to payment. You will need your card number, expiry date and security number which can be found on the back of your card.

New payment in one click!!! Now you only have to enter your card details the first time. For your next purchases you only have to enter the code that you receive on the phone associated with the card, more information here.

Cash on Delivery
Pay your order to the transport company once you receive it. This payment method involves a small commission charged by the transport company for the management of the collection and sending of the money to our company. This commission is 4.90€ for orders under 150€. For orders over 150€, the commission charged by the transport agency is 3% of the total. 

Important: In the case of very bulky products such as electric motorbikes of the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"City\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" family and due to its high cost of transport, you must make a deposit of 50€ before sending your order by cash on delivery. This 50€ will be deducted from the total amount to be paid. 
Orders for registered motorbikes cannot be sent by cash on delivery, except if it is not registered. 
Cash on delivery shipments to Portugal cannot exceed 999.99€ due to the fact that the transport companies in this country do not allow the collection of amounts higher than 999.99€. For this, we will ask you to make a transfer with the difference, which will be deducted from the final amount. You will then have to pay 999.99€ to the carrier.

Pay for your order with your Paypal account. It will be necessary that the shipping address you have in PayPal is the same as the shipping address of the order. This method of payment is subject to a PayPal fee. Before finalising the order you can check the amount of the commission, as it is calculated directly by the system and shown to you before confirming the order.

Financing: Sequra
Learn about the two payment methods offered by Sequra:
Receive first, pay later:
Make the purchase without paying anything at all, and pay up to 7 days after receiving the product at your address. No instalments, no interest - no more paying interest to transport companies!
You can pay by bank transfer or by credit or debit card. Sequra has several bank accounts: La Caixa; Sabadell; Santander; BBVA.
Are there any extra costs? There is no interest or extra cost. You only pay the price of the product.
Once the order has been sent, you have 7 days to pay for it. Sequra will send you an email as soon as your order is shipped. In that email, in addition, the payment methods and guidelines will be added.
Finance your purchase in up to 6, 12 or 18 months. Without any type of interest, you will only have to pay small and comfortable fixed instalments. The TIN is 0.0%, paying only the fixed cost per instalment.
How do you know how much you have to pay for each instalment? Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t worry, the exact amount to pay for each instalment will appear in the shopping cart before you finalise your order.
For refunds, credit card changes or payment by bank transfer, you will have to contact Sequra. Sequra reserves the right to refuse to accept credit. For any incident with them, you can contact the financing company through the Sequra customer area or by calling (+34) 931 760 008.

New financing method: Divide your payment in 3 months without interest, for only 4,95€. You will only have to pay the first part now and the other two payments in the following two months.
For any questions or clarifications please contact us by e-mail contacto@gran-scooter.com or by phone (+34) 959 87 22 05. 

Shipping CostsCalculate how much the shipping will cost


The web automatically calculates the Shipping Costs according to several factors such as weight, volume, shipping area, offers associated with shipping costs, etc., therefore the company reserves the right to recalculate the shipping cost, notifying the customer of the new amount, if the client does not accept this new amount, the order will be canceled, reimbursing the total amount paid.

All orders will be insured at 100% of their value, for any claim due to transport you must notify us within 24 hours of receipt.

As long as your order is free and with large volumes, you will be sent to the transport company Redur, which will deliver your package in approximately 24-48 hours.

We make a great effort to lower shipping costs, but we have no choice but to apply part of them.

The shipping costs that apply are the following:

Peninsula & Balearic Islands 24/48 / 72h depending on product.

Our goal is that all orders made before 15h are delivered the next working day in the whole Peninsula and 48 / 72h in the Balearics, (provided they are small packages of maximum 30kg) although that is our goal and 94.8% of the orders of the last year have fulfilled those 24h of term, it is possible that a minority of them are delivered in 48H, either for internal logistical reasons ours or of the transport company with which we work (Correos Express, Seur, Dhl, Redur, always First Level transport agencies). For packages of + 30Kg, such as Electric Motorcycles, CityRoad, Citycoco, Citycoco Mini, CityStreet will be sent by parcel companies (not of courier service) and therefore being delivery in 48 / 72H. You will always receive an email indicating the transport company for which your order travels and the tracking number to be able to control where your order goes at each moment.

Important: Bulky products such as the Citycoco or similar Motorcycles can not travel by courier companies (small packages) and travel by courier companies (such as Dhl, Redur ..), These products travel totally protected, in metal cages and on pallets of wood. These products will have a delivery time of 48 / 72H in the peninsula, and a day or two more in the Balearic Islands due to the fact that they have to change the ship for the Islands. Also for this reason, the transport to the Islands is quite more expensive, so the transport of the Citycoco we have to add + 45eur of shipping costs to the Balearic Islands.




Península and Portugal (24/48 hours)

Balearics (48/72 horas)

0 - 5 Kg

from 5.99 €*

from 9,95 €*

+5 kg





Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla 3-6 days.

Due to recent changes in shipping rates to these locations it is not possible to calculate the shipping cost automatically, as it depends on many factors, so to know you contact our sales representatives and they will make a personalized quote at no cost any. We also accept the collection in the store, if you already work with a transport company, only indicate in the transit step with which company you will pick up.
IMPORTANT: Do not make the payment until you know the price of the shipment, unless you send your company to pick up.

Europe 48/72h.

European countries to which we ship: Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom



Europe 48/72H

0 - 5 Kg

from 19,95 €*

+ 5 Kg


Rest of the world.

Rest of the world. Consult one of our commercials It is complex to calculate a price for the rest of the world since there are a multitude of variants that affect the price (place in the world, weight of the package, maritime, air, ...) in order to give it, you can contact us at contact@gran-scooter.com or +34 959 87 22 05

* These prices may change without prior notice depending on the fuel rates at the time of your order.

* Delivery times are estimated, they may vary depending on the volume of the merchandise.

TrustWhy trust us?





We have resumido in 8 points the main reasons by which can trust we and buy in Gran-scooter.com with total confidence.


We are the Company Posicion 2 to National Level of Electrical Mobility!, Although it is a Big Company, no thus we leave to give a near deal, familiar, and engaged with our customers. That is one of the reasons of our continuous growth, seriousness and professionalism.  We carry from the 1997  in the world of the computing and from the 2001 in the one of the electronica, thousands of customers during these years have been attended and have learnt of each error, of each failure, always look for a form but effective to work. Sunra Electric Vehicles S.L. Is a company with a big recognition to National level. The OCU visited the installations of Big Scooter in 2021 to recognise his Best practices in matter of consumption.




All our products have 3 Years of Garantia. In her it includes all the costs of repair, pieces, hand of work, the costs of sending to our installations is borne by the customer, the envio of turn if it runs by ours part, Are so safe of our work, that can offer this guarantee, since the index of failures in so many by the way is very very small. The applicable guarantee in products for the rent, delivery, reacondicionados, of management or exhibition is of 6 months. All our electric vehicles cannot be washed with pressurized water so as not to damage sensitive parts of the same, in the event that this washing is carried out in the vehicle, it will lead to the loss of the guarantee by the consumer.


Opinions of the customers

Have to disposal of the customers the separated comments, in him the customers express that such has gone him with our company, do yours, or reads the comments of the other.

Support to the Manual/use

We devote long in creating manual of use of our products, videos, photos, downloads. All what the user need to know use and take advantage of to the maximum his product. To some manuals has devoted them several days for his realisation.

Envios 100% INSURANCES

All our sendings are ensured to his value again, if by any reason during the transport occurred some problem that damaged the articulate will be you reembolsado the money integrate of this product or will give him one new, without waits, without seasicknesses, this if, only ask that you communicate us before 48/72H the breaks of transport, since it is the term that gives us the insurer of envios.


We struggle daily for having the best prices in products of quality. We are importing direct, have big agreements with the main marks and are distributors of big chains of shops of the sector. When mattering and manufacture directly, avoid intermediate that put up the price of the product. 

Personal contact

We attend by our on-line chat, by email and also by telephone, can contact with us directly in the telephone 959 87 22 05 (10 lines) or can visit us in our installations in San Juan of the Port (Huelva) where have but of 5000 square metres of warehouses, and ofinas with but of 20 employees working for you.

Company Adhered to the Resolution of Litigios on line European

Our Stock

\    \   

\    \   

ReturnsChange of idea? Are not you happy with the product?


Commercial return

It produces when the customer wishes to give back any product without that it exist any type of incidence, already was by arrepentimiento, change of idea, or is not of the like of the buyer. It can it devolve without elder cuestion. The term to communicate this return is of 14 natural days (only for final customer) from the reception by the customer, in case to be festive, leave proof by email of the intencion of the devolucion commercial.

For all the vehicles enrolled, refuses the right to return when remaining proof in the moment of the purchase of the acquisition of a personalised vehicle.

For this will have to go in in his zone of users and fill up all the data requested.

Once we have received it, we will proceed to transact the return.

The usual procedure will be the following:
We will contact with you to communicate him the acceptance of the return, and the direction of delivery, that will have to indicate clearly in the packaging. It will have to deliver us and do us arrive the product before 10 days from the date in that it was him communicated the acceptance of the return. Our company has the responsibility to do him arrive the product in perfect conditions, in the case of devolucion, the customer equally has to do us arrive the product in perfect conditions, taking care of embalarlo perfectly and/or hire a safe of transport if it believed it necessary.

The products have to arrive to our warehouses in the same state in that they sent , that is to say, do not have to have any type of use, (without hits, neither scratches), be apt for the sale, including all his accessories, manual, packagings of transport, etc. In case to be missing accessories, podrian be discounted of the amount of credit for his reposicion,  have to go with all the components of the same. If the product was not given back in conditions for the sale, will load  the amount of the restitution of the product to his original state. 

Big-Scooter Reembolsará to the customer the amount of the product in his whole if it gives back in mint condition. The Costs of Envio to the customer no reembolsan if it has sent to the customer by a service of Urgent transport, like Seur, Posts Express, Dhl Express, that do urgent deliveries with a term of 24 to 72h to National Level. They exist other metodos of transport but slow and without tracking of envio that can demorar until in 15 dias the delivery, by Defect we always use the service Express of fast delivery, unless the customer request explicitamente in the comments of his request that him envie by a metodo traditional and no express. 

Therefore, in case of devolucion by arrepentimiento, will discount of the credit the amount of the envio urgent, that will be able to be difrentes depending of the weight, volume and zone of delivery. (The costs are different in Peninsula, Balearic, Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla and other Paises, that carried a plus that will add to the amounts of but down, please consult the costs of envio concrete for his zone and product) In the case that the product had a promocion or offer with costs of envios free, or that were partly subsidised by Big-Scooter when doing the shopping, in the case of devolucion himself will discount the following amounts derived of the costs of envio of the company of transport (Costs in Peninsular Spain), that is to say, carry them free or subventions of part of the envios estan subjects to the delivery and aceptacion of the request, for requests refused in the delivery, or returns by arrepentimiento do not access to carry free or subventions in carry.  

  • Small packages: 4.#€95+VAT
  • CR-Byke, Hoverboard (any size), Boogie Drift, Roller Dance: #€14+VAT by bulto
  • Citystreet, Cityroad, RollSkate, Littlemix, Mobylite, MaxRocket or other articles of similar volume: #€27+VAT by bulto
  • Citycoco Mini, Citycoco Last Mille or other articles of similar volume: #€60+VAT by bulto
  • Batteries, Engines and Spares > 10 Kg = #€15+VAT by bulto
  • For the Balearic Islands, Because of the On Cost of the Ship, add #€18 to each sending.

For the requests sent and that are not accepted in the moment of the delivery, and are given back by extraneous reasons to Big-Scooter, the customer will do charge of the cost of the transport of gone and of the turn, segun the price indicated on these lineas.

For Ceuta, Melilla, and the Canary Islands, Consult in prices with the Commercial Department, since they affect other costs like Customs, Transitos, Taxes, etc.

Big Scooter will proceed to the repayment of the money in a time limit of 14 dias, once have received the product and checked that is in perfect conditions. 

Along all the process, will keep him on time informed through email.

Incidences by Delivery Erronea

It produces when the product delivered does not coincide with the specified in the request, or detects that the product does not work properly before the 48h from receiving it. It remember to attach photo of the damage, of the box, of the packaging of the product and label of the package (indispensable attach this information before the 48h to be able to transact his claim of transport, in case of not fulfilling the requirements, transport will close his claim.
If this occurs has to communicate it immediately, and in a lower term of 48 hours from the reception of the same, to Big Scooter sending an email to contacto@gran-scooter.com. Once we receive said email will begin to transact his incidence. If it received the packaging damaged is very important that indicate it in the delivery note of delivery of the carrier in the moment of the reception. The not annotating in the albaran of delivery of the carrier the external damages of the product or packaging, podria ocasionar that the safe of transport did not do charge of the damages. 

The usual procedure will be the following:
We will contact with You through email indicating him  his number of incidence that will have to indicate clearly in the packaging. Later, we will send a carrier to his domicile for his collected, will repair, or will change the product by one new and will proceed to send him the correct product.  So much the costs of collected, like reparacion or change, like the new costs of delivery, correran by Big-Scooter. The customer will not have to credit at all.
Along all the process, will keep him on time informed through email.
In this type of incidence, all the costs of collected and new delivery will run by Big Scooter.


Garantias By Failure

This section applies to all the products with failures or averias after the 48H to have it received.
It produces when the product does not work properly or has left to do it because of a technical problem, after the 48h to have it received, inside the term established in the Law of Guarantees, 3 years of guarantee for the final customer and 1 year of guarantee for the Distributors, in the case of the products purchased for companies for hire, or whose use is destined to the intensive use, the guarantee remains llimitada to 6 Months from the date of purchase. It goes to faclitar the necessary pieces to transact the guarantee to the distributors so that they proceed to his replacement and review of the vehicle to his customer. 

Big-Scooter Offers 3 years of Guarantee to the Final User tambien in the baterias of all the products. Except in products reacondicionados, for hire, delivery, vehicles of management or exhibition, whose guarantee is of 6 months

To transact a guarantee is indispensable to attach a copy of the bill.
The products remain out of guarantee by the following reasons:
-If they have received, once delivered to the customer, some deterioration by external facts, accidents, bad follow-up of the instructions or change in the electrical tensions, modifications electricas, entrance of water.
-If they result damaged for making a wrong configuration or installation of the software, hardware and peripherals, by the customer.
-If it produces a failure caused by a no supplied component by Gran-scooter.com.
-In his case, if the general conditions imposed by a manufacturer for a product like this indicated it.

For this will have to go in in +Area customer > My zone of Users > New > Returns return.

And complete 4 points.
-Number of request or Number of Bill.
-Number of reference of the articulate (when selecting previously the request, or the bill, him apareceran all the products of said request, and will be able to select cual or cuales of them goes to give back by failure)
-Cause of the return. Explain the best possible, cual is the problem or the failure so that the Service Tecnico can repair it with the best efficiency.
-Copy of the bill of purchase.

Tambien Has of a picture of text to add comments or another informacion additional that creates notable. 

In this type of return, the customer has to do us arrive to carry paid,  the product to our SAT for his repair, by any half (posts, companies of transport, or in person in our warehouses), and Big-Scooter will send under his cost and ensured the product to the customer from our warehouses.

Important:  For bulky products, our emrpesa will treat to detect the problem by means of our Service Tecnico and the customer, and send the piece to the direccion of the customer, for like this avoid unnecessary costs of transports to both parts. Mainly, in products very bulky, like the Citycoco, envian in a metallic structure to protect them in the transport, and mount in a pallet wooden so that it can be loaded/downloaded of the trucks of transport by means of means mecanicos.  Without said structure is not possible to transport it since by weight and volume can not be loaded by only a person, and besides without said structure exists a big possibility to suffer damages in the transport, and without her no estarian covered in the safe of transport. 

Important: it Remember to read the conditions of Garantia Widespread in the following link, as well as the link to peticion of Technical Service.

Read Queries of Garantia and Peticion of Technical Service.


Time of storage of material

Once transacted the return by our SAT, whose resolution mean the credit by the customer for his withdrawal, will have of 2 months of free storage in our installations. Surpassed the term, the cost of storage and custody by RMA will be of #€1.50/day passed. 

The maximum period of storage from the resolution of his return will be of 6 months, finalised this term without receiving notification by the customer, will proceed to the recycled of the material losing the right like this of a back claim. 

Conditions Updated on 1 September of the 2018.

It consult more information on The Right of Desistimiento

For more information on the Right of desistimiento press the following LINK.

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